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nursing on main street while waiting for parade at disneyland

don’t you understand, tink? you mean more to me than anything in this whole world!

-peter pan (1953)

hugs for mama

halloween treats from mama

tinker bell is here!

where's my wand?

here it is!

sparkle power!

off to neverland!

time for candy, mama!

on the train at the mall

more candy, dada!

preening pixie

counting my loot

ready to go home


i thought my plate was full.  clearly, i was mistaken.  there’s always room for jell-o.

tuesday, nugget did a little couch diving.  she seemed a bit shaken up post-tumble, but no worse for the wear.  a little motrin (for her) took the edge off that night and in the morning she was right as rain.  but that afternoon something wasn’t right.  nugget was super mama-clingy and telling us her arm hurt.  we took her to the pediatrician who asked us to get an x-ray in the morning. 

we went first thing today and sure enough, both bones are broken, with buckle fractures right above her left wrist.  i do not feel like mother of the year.

nugget now has a pretty green total arm cast for the next three weeks.  she’ll get an x-ray each week through her cast to make sure the bones are healing properly.  they should straighten themselves out on their own and she shouldn’t have any lasting damage.  but still, my poor baby!  and really, did i need this right now?  ugh.  then again, does anyone ever really need jell-o?


i just love isabooties‘ new ballet criss-crossers.  nugget already has a pair of classic style isabooties which we call her slippers.  i think these would make a perfect addition to her gymboree class wardrobe since going barefoot at gymbo is never going to happen.  to celebrate earth day 2008, isabooties are offering a 15% discount!

all isabooties:isabooties

  • are 100% animal-free
  • are formaldehyde free
  • are made in the usa with fair labor
  • use fabrics that far exceed the standard consumer safety specification for toy safety (astm f963-07)
  • come in packaging that is 100% recycled/100% recyclable and printed with soy ink
  • 100% machine-washable/machine-dryable just like socks offering a clean, healthy choice in footwear

use coupon code happyearth08 to save 15% on all purchases through april 22nd!



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