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photo (c) candice eley

my ever productive sister has started a new blog.  it’s delicious, like summer tomatoes shot with a holga at the farmers market.  why don’t you go read that while i try to figure out the meaning of my life, and how to style my new flock of seagulls-ish haircut.

photo by aaron thompson as many of you know, my darling little (yet much taller than me) sister is getting married.  she and her fiance have been together as long as nuggetdaddy and i.  they were made for each other, wholly and completely, if two people ever were.

they just had their engagement photo shoot (so jealous) with the amazingly talented aaron thompson.

i caught a sneak peak on aaron’s blog and for just a few moments, everything was right with the world.  i was moved to tears for the first time in weeks, not out of sorrow or heartbreak, but from simple happiness.

the photos are spectacular and truly capture a visual proof of their love. together they are magic.  they are unstoppable.  i know they will make this world a better place.  they already do for me.

you can see the rest of the session at:

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