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i went in this afternoon for another neulasta injection and will continue to do so the day following every chemo dose.  john was there to give me this injection, just as he was for the first one.  he’s always up for an exchange of witty banter and polite jabbing, pun intended.  he tolerates my snarkiness and commands such as todays, “i’m ready for my massage now, john!” referring to the post-injection massage to distribute the injected fluid under the skin. 

i think the old people in the treatment room love me now.  they’re gonna learn a thing or two from me.  then john will really be sorry! 

marla was there, too, but i only had a few moments to harass her.  i hope she and dana fight over me again at my next session!  i think i might need to bring scorecards or prizes.


just a quick update while I wait for the latest dose of percoset to start working!

linda came by and cut my hair last night.  what an angel she is. it looks so much better than i thought it would.

yesterday, at my cbc i got an rx for the previously mentioned percoset for the hideous bone pain the neulasta is causing.  it’s a good thing i asked for something when i did because now it’s infinitely worse.  yeouch! 

thank you, linda!

here are nugget daddy and i at my second abvd chemo session for cycle one.  as soon as i walked in the treament room and started up my usual shtick, nurse dana shrieked out from behind a cutain that that must be me.  then nurse marla and nurse dana fought over who would treat me.  i told them there was plenty of me to go around and they could job share me.  so they did.  i brought my laptop because nurse dana is also from florida and wanted to see pictures from my disney days.  of course those are all in storage, so whatever i had scanned on this machine had to suffice.

i felt worse immediately after this treatment in comparison to the first.  they adjusted my meds that control the side effects so i am not nearly as tired as the last time.  nugget is sleeping with her grandmamie so i can take some lunesta and get uninterrupted sleep.  today, day 16, i feel pretty good.

nurse julie called me this morning to say that yesterday’s cbc came back with a low white blood cell count and that i’d need to come in for a neulasta injection.  no big deal since i live walking distance from the hospital and it’s just a subcutaneous injection to boot.  piece of cake.  i’ll likely be getting it at regular intervals going forward.

i got the call that my big rx sunglasses were finally done, after lots of trial and error, so we headed over to get those after my injection. 

on the way to pick them up i ran my fingers through my hair in lieu of an actual brush and took out more hair than i would have cared to.  ick.  so i promptly donned a scarf once we got home so i wouldn’t be tempted to touch it anymore.  i won’t be hastily lopping it off, though.  i’m going to wait and see just how bad it gets.  rose at motherhood and cancer warned me about that.

here’s an up close and personal peek at my port.  i know some of you are curious.  i know some of you are also now a little queasy.  see how fun this is?

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