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nugget and i are hitting the road saturday for our first major road trip.  is this really a good idea?  do sane people drive long distances, cross many states with a three-year old in tow?  please check “yes” or “no.”

as bad as i am about blogging on a regular basis, i will try really, super hard to post ridiculous photos and updates from our journey.  twitter is likely to be the landing spot for most of these tidbits of humor and despair, and i know you won’t want to miss a single bit.  so be sure to follow me or at least check out my twitter feed on the left-hand sidebar.

oh right, you wanted to know where exactly we’re headed to.  why, central florida, of course.  that’s where i was born and raised.  i spent the majority of my formative years playing with and then working for the mouse.  now i happily haul my daughter there to subject her to the media machine immerse her in the culture i grew up in.

nugget’s aunt jenny is playing her first ever orlando show at backbooth on may 25th.  have you gotten your tickets yet?  check out park ave cds – i heard they’ll give you a ticket when you purchase one of jenny’s records!  so come out and join us as we officially celebrate me kicking cancer’s ass.  it will be quite the party. kinda like this one (but sadly without bess rogers).

as africa hot as it is sure to be in florida right now, we’ll still have an excellent time. i’m a native, a pro at avoiding the scorching death rays with which the sun tortures the tourists.

there will be lots of late afternoon trips to the magic kingdom.  we will watch far too many parades and shows, and spend hours making special trips to visit with her “friends” (disney characters).

there will be long walks around epcot’s world showcase with my friends and their tots.  the mamas will enjoy adult beverages while we drink our way around the world and the kids will craft at each of the kidcot stations.  it’s a win-win.

i will don my new, modest i’mamommynow swimsuit and brave a water park or two.  i will most certainly make other mommies to suffer along with me.

we plan to stay until main street electrical parade makes its return to walt disney world on june 6th as part of summer nightastic! i am giddy with delight at the mere thought of sitting with nugget and watching her hear for the first time:

“ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, walt disney world proudly presents our spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination in thousands of sparkling lights and electrosynthomagnetic musical sounds . . . the main street electrical parade!”

nugget just brought the vhs cassette of elp’s farewell season at disneyland into my office.  she’s ready to do her homework.  i’m ready to teach her baroque hoedown.

i’m ready to go home.

what?  three posts in one day?  this one is just too awesome too wait for because it has my sister and my jenny!  (candice is the one taking photos.)  it also features our illustrious house guests, bess rogers, chris kuffner, and elliot jacobson.  enjoy.

now they have the right shake on our house



(also, jenny’s podcast:


two of my three new t-shirts courtesy of jenny

'i got knocked up' 100% cotton american apparel cassic girl t-shirt in grass green

'stingray' 100% cotton american apparel cassic girl t-shirt in black with blue & pink ink


visiting with my sisters

mom & her girls in fl

mommy, nugget & tantie in va


building our new house



having dinner with old friends

disney girls

nugget pees on her potty before bathtime!


i’m a slave for you.  no, really.  i think about you day and night.  bloggity this, bloggity that, blog, blog, blog.  i know i’ve been a little distant the past week, but i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what excitement i have for you tonight!

as i mentioned on friday, jenny came for a visit.  she also shaved my head.  surprise!

there’s a video, too, but we’ll have to wait for jen to send it to me.  it is sure to delight one and all!

i’ve been out and about sans hair and all went well.  well, i mean, jeez, how else did you think it would go?  no small children ran in fear, the elderly have taken a keen interest in me and the teens are holding strong, remaining totally self-absorbed and obnoxious as ever.

nugget’s tantie is here until tuesday and then her grandmamie will be back.  i have chemo dose #4 this thursday.  i can’t believe it’s almost time for that again!  the first week in august i’ll be getting pet and ct scans to see just how much cancer ass the chemo’s kicked already.


my little cabbages, i know you must think i’ve forgotten about you.  mais, non!  i think about you day and night.  it’s just that sometimes those pesky chores of life, you know, building a house two and half hours away, raising a toddler, having cancer, having a sister and not one, but two dear friends in town, are using up all my minutes and i haven’t got any rollover.  but fear not, we’re working on something amazing at chez bits as i type.

jenny is on her way over for paninis with nugget, tantie and me.  then there are major plans in the works.  m-a-j-o-r.  you will not be disappointed!

we’re just going to have to take things slow.  i mean, i like you, i really do, i just need some time to myself today.  but tonight, i promise, we’ll have some special time together.  just you and me and some spectacular video footage.  i know, i know, i can hardly wait myself!

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