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i’ve had a fever every day since the last week of january.  it is officially the fever that will not die™.  i’m on my second round of antibiotics and it’s really, really supposed to be gone by now.  if it isn’t gone by tomorrow then i’m supposed to go back to the doctor.  great.  i wonder what cooties nugget will pick up during that visit.  you see, i’m no longer suffering alone.

friday night la nug spiked a fever (and vomited all over me).  saturday morning she was right as rain, but it came back just as it did again today.  initially i thought she’d caught some nasties at my last appointment, despite my not allowing her to play with the ridiculously tempting waiting room toys.  i was hoping my body was just over worked, over medicated and couldn’t keep up with making the antibodies we both need to fight off all the winter ickies.  i tried chalking it up to teething.  now i can’t help but wonder if she has my mystery fever.  aack!  what horror might i be subjecting my baby girl to?

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