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my fever is gone.  i can almost take a full, pain-free, deep breath.  i might get to go home tomorrow.  it will depend upon my chest x-ray, a conversation between my oncologist and pulmonologist about the true necessity of a lung biopsy and the availability of take-home oxygen tanks on sundays.  happy thoughts!  good night.


mediport scars

across the base of my throat is the mediastinoscopy scar.

the small (top) and large (bottom) incisions on my left side are from the mediport insertion.

the two small blistered spots (top) two large tears (center) and small blister (bottom, by port) are from the steri-strips.

the circular bulge is the port and the yellowing beneath it is some residual bruising.

i decided to start my treatment next thursday.  until then i’m just trying to live my life as normal and enjoy spending some extra time with my mother and daughter.


the nice lady from the thoracic surgeon’s office just called.  tomorrow’s appointment got bumped to noon because of an emergency surgery.  she wanted to give me “first dibs” on the reschedule time.  that’s not making me feel very good.


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