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a woman i used to work with messaged me on myspace this week.  i read it yesterday and it absolutely made my day, which i might add was spectacularly craptastic up until then.

“i started working at magic kingdom back in 1997 and only partially knew who you were. you were always cool to me at town square and spectromagic and stuff, but we were only acquaintances.

i happened upon your page through mikki and started reading your blog, “bits of myself,” and i cannot help being taken by how fucking amazing you are.   sorry for the language from someone you do not know, but i can’t think of any other words.   i don’t even remember where i started the “bits,” but i backed up to where you found out you had cancer. by the time i got to your final breastfeeding with nugget, there were uncontrollable tears streaming down my face at how you kept apologizing to her, for something that you did not ask for.

i don’t know how much all of this means coming from someone you don’t know, but i just had to get this out.  i was driving day parade floats when you were at mk with your baby girl, and i saw you two days in a row.   knowing how painful it must be, there you stood in the sun, in a tank top, bald… smiling and waving.

i hope i didn’t weird you out with all this, but know that you have touched one more individual’s life.  you are the strongest woman that i don’t know.”

i just needed to thank you for that and let you know that your kind words have touched my heart.  thank you for reading my blog.  and thank you to all of you who continue to do so.  i hope you’ll all stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to this chapter of my life.


chemo is kicking my ass this week and i’m still exhausted from traveling.  here’s your first installment of vacation photos, though.  you’ve been waiting so patiently… sort of.  i know it’s been hard.  enjoy!


dinner at chef mickey's

our magical moment



okay, actually eight isn’t enough as i’ve got four more chemo doses to go, but lord in heaven i am soooo over this shit.

i’m fat – newsflash – some people actually gain weight during chemo. thanks for that warning. someone please mail me a mumu because that’s all i’m going to fit in at the end of this.

i’m tired of this nasty taste in my mouth. i mostly drink carbonated beverages now because the bubbles help mask any strange flavors.

i’m exhausted and i can never get a good night’s sleep anymore.  last night nugget slept with her grandmamie though, so i slept with prince lunesta.

my face and neck are now turning a lovely shade of red for the first few days post chemo.  what makes the red man red?  i guess it’s chemo.

the neuropathy is causing me to drop things.  most unappreciated was the bowl of chicken tortilla soup in tiny apartment’s dining room/library/office which is oh so pleasantly carpeted in beige.


here’s yesterday’s chemo self-portrait.  i think i like this one best because you can’t see my hair.  when i look at it i just see me. 

you can check out the real world page for the hair update.  i shave it every week or so because while it is still growing, only about half of it is.  so, no, i don’t want to let that half start growing out into a lovely head of string hair.

chemo dose 8


here are the latest new house photos.  the fireplace mantle and hearth are in, and the hardwood flooring was going in on my last visit.

living room fireplace

sunroom wood floor installation


these two photos are a follow-up to my last post about the shake.  i got a lost of questions about that!




tomorrow, nugget and i are off to orlando to visit family and make her first trip to walt disney world.  i am beyond excited.  she just understands that she’ll get to see minnie’s, er, “mimmie’s” house, and girl loves her some mimmie!  mimmie loves you too, nugget!

wdw 25th anniversay train station photo shoot



tuesday, i’m getting my hair cut off.  this is what came out last time i washed my hair. 

my friend, jocelyne, was over for a playdate with her little man bennett yesterday.  jocelyne is a cancer survivor and i couldn’t wait to get her opinion on my hair loss situation.  i showed her how easily it comes out now and she said it was probably the right time to get it done. 

jocelyne also brought me a bag of chemo fun time treats, which included a hello kitty pez dispenser nugget promptly made her own.  and nugget also received the cutest little “my market” fruit and veggie basket.  we had a blast and can’t wait for another playdate! 

i’m traveling to florida this week for roy’s services and that will give me a chance to focus on something other than my cut-off hair.  might as well take advantage of the distraction, right?

the neulasta is causing some discomfort, just like they said it would, mostly in my back and legs.  i’ll be asking about that when i call nurse beth today to discuss my travel plans  and reschedule my cbc.

all that’s left at our house are a few plants in the garage.  the buyers are doing their walk-through today, so i hope that goes well for them.  nugget daddy spent a lot of time there yesterday sanding and painting over my spackle jobs.  i hope they’re happy to see fresh paint and no nail holes!

nugget daddy has to travel for work today.  the good news is he’ll be bringing nugget’s grandmamie back with him.  auntie barbara and her boys are going to keep nugget and i entertained today.  i’m really looking forward to this playdate!

nusring on a united flight

wordless wednesday

the w french quarterlast weekend we went on a sort of accidental vacation to new orleans.  we had a wedding to attend and had originally planned on a quick friday-to-sunday trip.  but, the friday and sunday flights were so awful, we decided to go thursday to monday and make the best of it.  also, the wednesday before we left we put our house on the market.  oh, and i had to build a new board for a web forum i moderate.

so, after packing things into storage, packing for the three of us for vacation, boarding the cats, taking the dog to my parents, setting up the new boards, cleaning like a maniac and staging the house all magazine-like, i really, really needed a vacation.

when we got home it was hurry-up-and-put-everything-away-and-make-the-house-all lovely-again time.  the next day nugget daddy had travel overnight and of course that was when someone called to see the house.  after that experience we will absolutely be keeping the house as close to perfect all the time.

mrs. meyer's clean day laundry detergentat least that showing gave me a chance to sneak off to the grocery store and do some major restocking.  i finally picked up some mrs. meyer’s detergent in lavender scent to try out.  it smells so lovely that i didn’t mind doing a single one of the eight hundred loads of laundry i’ve washed since!

so, just in case you were wondering why in the hell i’ve been so lazy and not blogging, there you have it.  i hear nugget peeping.  so much for napping on nugget daddy!

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