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i have a pet scan at vcu massey cancer center this afternoon.   so, today’s theme song is “fingers crossed,” by allison weiss.

allison has these awesome purple “fingers crossed” bracelets for sale here with all proceeds benefitting the trevor project, the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.  i suggest you snag the bargain priced 2-for-$8 value pack right now.  go on.  i’ll wait.  thanks!

now, while you’re waiting for your super cool do-gooding bracelets to arrive, why don’t you watch allison’s “fingers crossed” video?

wasn’t that totally amazing?

hey!  you can download “fingers crossed” for free right here.  why don’t you go check out the rest of allison’s sweet merch and downloads, and find out when you can catch her live in a town near you?  but not with like a net or anything.  you shouldn’t try to physically ensnare her.  just buy a ticket to her show and enjoy her performance.  sing along, clap loudly, browse the merch table (bring cash!), perhaps thank her kindly and then be on your way.

oh, right, the pet scan… i’ll start nagging for results as soon as the report is available, which is usually the following day.  i’m sure doctors love when patients do that.  and as always, i’ll let you know what i know when i know.

i’ve got my fingers crossed.  hope you do, too.

c is for cococ is for coco, the very best chick.
d is for dancer, i’m known for my kick.”


congratulations to jenn who will soon be reading all about coco!  thanks to everyone who entered.  check back soon for my next bloggy giveaway.

it’s such a lovely springy day here. let’s celebrate with my first bloggy giveaway!

bitter with baggage seeks samei heart sloane tanen. if you haven’t read bitter with baggage seeks same, you really must. girl is f-u-n-n-y and her chicks are hysterical. go on and check it out. i’ll wait.

see how hilarious that was? now you can imagine my delight over her foray into children’s books.



c is for coconaturally, nugget’s library is stocked with the requisite copies of where is coco going, coco counts and c is for coco. lucky for you an extra copy of c is for coco was sent our way, and now it could be on its way to you!

to enter just post a comment and link back to this post on your blog. easy peasy! nugget will draw the winning name out of a hat on march 31st.

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