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today is world cancer day.  what are you doing?

j’adore dance project dancers at jump dance convention in dc can get a free kid-size here is a heart bracelet from miss jenn michelle!

i have a pet scan at vcu massey cancer center this afternoon.   so, today’s theme song is “fingers crossed,” by allison weiss.

allison has these awesome purple “fingers crossed” bracelets for sale here with all proceeds benefitting the trevor project, the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.  i suggest you snag the bargain priced 2-for-$8 value pack right now.  go on.  i’ll wait.  thanks!

now, while you’re waiting for your super cool do-gooding bracelets to arrive, why don’t you watch allison’s “fingers crossed” video?

wasn’t that totally amazing?

hey!  you can download “fingers crossed” for free right here.  why don’t you go check out the rest of allison’s sweet merch and downloads, and find out when you can catch her live in a town near you?  but not with like a net or anything.  you shouldn’t try to physically ensnare her.  just buy a ticket to her show and enjoy her performance.  sing along, clap loudly, browse the merch table (bring cash!), perhaps thank her kindly and then be on your way.

oh, right, the pet scan… i’ll start nagging for results as soon as the report is available, which is usually the following day.  i’m sure doctors love when patients do that.  and as always, i’ll let you know what i know when i know.

i’ve got my fingers crossed.  hope you do, too.

make the call

it’s fast, it’s easy, it might save a life.
send a message


it’s world cancer day and we’re all doing our part to encourage our friends and family to take some simple steps to fight cancer.  one important way to guard against cancer is to talk to your doctor about your risk factors.

will you send the message below to your friends and family, asking them to check in with their doctor today?  a little encouragement goes a long way and we all have to work together to keep our loved ones healthy.

there’s a choice we’re making.  we’re saving our own lives.








abigail, thank you so much for donating your hair. what a huge act of generosity for such a little girl. i am so proud of you!  i love your new super cute hairstyle!  you look so grown up! 



today, we met with the transplant oncologist at george washington university hospital cancer center in dc.  the plan is for me to start chemo (eshap) on monday at loudoun hospital with my original oncologist and then go to george washington for the stem cell harvest & transplant.

unlike my last chemo (abvd), this one is administered in-patient over the course of 5 days.  hopefully 2-4 cycles will put me in remission. each cycle will take 4 weeks.

once i’m in remission i’ll go back to dc for the stem cell harvest and transplant.  i will spend 2-3 weeks in-patient at george washington.  this will likely not happen until after my sister’s wedding in november.

my standup2cancer team has already raised $2,730.  we’re even listed in the “top 50” teams now!  this fundraising effort is so very important to me in a time when i feel most helpless.  please continue to help my family and me as we once again fight this horrible disease.

nugget is in no mood for me to be blogging, so away i go.  goodnight, friends.

brad at cancerisboring.comi need a new blog project!  in my head it seemed original, but come to find out it isn’t.  no, not one bit.

on facebook you can find a bunch of bloggers telling su2c what they stand for.  shown here is brad from cancer is boring.  (brad, i very much agree.)

nevertheless, i’d like you to send me your pictures – here’s the twist – of you in your standup2cancer t-shirts telling me for what, whom or why you’re standing up.  i’ll add your photos to the help me make a stand page, much like the locks of  love page, and pimp your blog, store, cd release… you name it.

so, go on, get busy!  go to the su2c shop at cafepress and order your shirt.  then send me your photos of you in said shirt with your sign and whatever info you’d like published alongside your photo.


and remember, cafepress fulfills su2c orders at a 25% discount, enabling su2c to direct the discounted monies towards cancer research!



today is the day i start my journey on the road to battle, my second battle, against hodgkin’s lymphoma.  i’m asking you, my friends, my family, my neighbors, my husband’s co-workers, my best friend’s school, my stylist’s salon, my doctors and nurses, my blogosphere cohorts, my readers, to join me.  walk alongside me, hold my hand and help my family as we once again stand up to cancer.

in my previous post, i mentioned the team i started.  have you joined yet?  have you donated?  did you help spread the word?

i’m asking for your blog posts, your tweets, your plurks, your stumbles and diggs.  email everyone you know.  i need you to.  you.  i need your help.







last year at this time our family probably wouldn’t have sat in front of the tv together watching this fundraiser.

i’m one of those people to your left or right.  i’m one of those people that you can stand up to cancer for.

hunter, miss d and emma‘s mamas all used to be disney girls with me.  hunter is the latest and greatest in my flock of lovely ladies who’ve donated their hair to locks of love.

i am so proud of you, hunter!  your mommy sure is raising you to be a wonderful person with a kind spirit and genuine thoughtfulness for others.  i love your new ‘do!

hunter before hunter's pony
hunter's pretty new bob

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

if you’re considering donating your hair.  download the hair donation form and include a note on it about my blog’s drive.

i hope you’ll encourage your friends and family to do so as well.  let your stylist know and ask them to spread the word.

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