dear assclown,

thanks for smashing the window on my car.  that’s just what we needed this week!  were you looking for our garmin?  we keep that inside, dumbass.  did the alarm scare you off?  is that why you didn’t take anything?  i hope you got glass in your eyes.

fuck you very much,

the pissed off car owner who has cancer, you jackass


so, i was thinking about posting this letter around our apartment complex and maybe taping it to the windows of my car.

i really have so many more fun and interesting stories and photos to share with you from our florida trip, the new house, the new wigs, but first i have to get through tomorrow’s chemo (dose #9 of 12 or cycle 5, dose #1) and this weekend’s trip to houston for nuggetdaddy’s brother’s wedding.  and, yes, we’ll be taking the garmin with us.