non-lucid drivel, aka images by jeri, has lured me in to her web of plurks. the plurkiverse, so vast and wide, is ridiculously entertaining.

here, you can see snapshots of my existance. there, you can plug in to a real time feed of my daily comings and goings, like a freaky little bits of myself junkie.

aren’t you just dying to know what i might be doing at 8:49 am, 2:43 pm and, say, 7:38 pm?  what i’m having for dinner?  what i think of the current primetime network hdtv offerings?  what package just got delivered?  think of the excitement!

if plurk and wordpress were better friends, then i’d have a nifty little widget like the on you see here, somewhere in my sidebar.  but they aren’t.  and wordpress isn’t trying to make any new friends.  so you’ll just have to settle for the ugly rss feed of my plurks.

so now i invite you, gentle reader, to plurk along with me.  see just what the plurk i’m plurking about at: