i’m a slave for you.  no, really.  i think about you day and night.  bloggity this, bloggity that, blog, blog, blog.  i know i’ve been a little distant the past week, but i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what excitement i have for you tonight!

as i mentioned on friday, jenny came for a visit.  she also shaved my head.  surprise!

there’s a video, too, but we’ll have to wait for jen to send it to me.  it is sure to delight one and all!

i’ve been out and about sans hair and all went well.  well, i mean, jeez, how else did you think it would go?  no small children ran in fear, the elderly have taken a keen interest in me and the teens are holding strong, remaining totally self-absorbed and obnoxious as ever.

nugget’s tantie is here until tuesday and then her grandmamie will be back.  i have chemo dose #4 this thursday.  i can’t believe it’s almost time for that again!  the first week in august i’ll be getting pet and ct scans to see just how much cancer ass the chemo’s kicked already.