my little cabbages, i know you must think i’ve forgotten about you.  mais, non!  i think about you day and night.  it’s just that sometimes those pesky chores of life, you know, building a house two and half hours away, raising a toddler, having cancer, having a sister and not one, but two dear friends in town, are using up all my minutes and i haven’t got any rollover.  but fear not, we’re working on something amazing at chez bits as i type.

jenny is on her way over for paninis with nugget, tantie and me.  then there are major plans in the works.  m-a-j-o-r.  you will not be disappointed!

we’re just going to have to take things slow.  i mean, i like you, i really do, i just need some time to myself today.  but tonight, i promise, we’ll have some special time together.  just you and me and some spectacular video footage.  i know, i know, i can hardly wait myself!