today is day 1 of chemo cycle 2.  i had my third dose of abvd.  all in all it went fairly well.  martha took me and barbara met us there and took me home.

i had to hang around for an extra hour because my blood pressure and pulse were elevated.  my bp went down but my pulse wouldn’t bulge.  the nurse practioner thinks the decadron, a steroid, was causing it.  i’d had a 20mg dose at chemo to control nausea.  i also take it on day 2 and 3 in tablet form, but only 8mg at a time.

my hair has thinned considerably since linda cut it last week.  i’m expecting to see a lot more come out after this dose.  i’m fairly certain i’ll just have it shave once it gets icky thin.  i like wearing a scarves and hats anyhow.