tuesday, i’m getting my hair cut off.  this is what came out last time i washed my hair. 

my friend, jocelyne, was over for a playdate with her little man bennett yesterday.  jocelyne is a cancer survivor and i couldn’t wait to get her opinion on my hair loss situation.  i showed her how easily it comes out now and she said it was probably the right time to get it done. 

jocelyne also brought me a bag of chemo fun time treats, which included a hello kitty pez dispenser nugget promptly made her own.  and nugget also received the cutest little “my market” fruit and veggie basket.  we had a blast and can’t wait for another playdate! 

i’m traveling to florida this week for roy’s services and that will give me a chance to focus on something other than my cut-off hair.  might as well take advantage of the distraction, right?

the neulasta is causing some discomfort, just like they said it would, mostly in my back and legs.  i’ll be asking about that when i call nurse beth today to discuss my travel plans  and reschedule my cbc.

all that’s left at our house are a few plants in the garage.  the buyers are doing their walk-through today, so i hope that goes well for them.  nugget daddy spent a lot of time there yesterday sanding and painting over my spackle jobs.  i hope they’re happy to see fresh paint and no nail holes!

nugget daddy has to travel for work today.  the good news is he’ll be bringing nugget’s grandmamie back with him.  auntie barbara and her boys are going to keep nugget and i entertained today.  i’m really looking forward to this playdate!