march 31, 2006 at magic kingdom on the liberty square bridge for spectromagic

we know roy always knew the way. he’s made his final bus run and we’re all missing him terribly.  we love you roy and will forever hear your laughter in our hearts.

for my disney friends, please imagine roy is bus driver bob and the doodlebops are actually leads singing and dancing in all their striped, flashlight wielding glory.  much love to you all.

for my other readers, your kids will like this if they don’t already.



one last thing.

a scholarship fund has been created in roy’s memory to benifit students at luther high school south in chicago.  luther south is a private christian school roy attended grades seven through twelve and as an alumni supported the school for many years.

roy touched so very many lives and i hope in this small moment he’s touching your heart.  please consider giving, even if only a dollar or two.

send donations to:

luther high school south
roy michalides scholarship fund
3130 west 87th street
chicago, illinois 60652