candy girl, you’re off for some summer fun and we won’t get to wish you farewelll in person.  have a safe trip and lots of fun.  nugget will be anxiously awaiting her postcard!  we’ll miss you tons!

i’ll get my cbc results today, so check back for a follow up post with that info. 

nugget and i are at my parents so i can go make the final selections today for the new house.  i’m finally feeling pretty good.  the pain killer that i got for my jaw is making a huge difference.  more on that too later, when i’m not on dial-up.   grrrr.

one last final tidbit before i hang up, i’m going to have my very own locks of love hair drive!  i’ve already had my first volunteer donate.  she’ll be getting a shiny blog post of her very own as soon as her mommy sends me a photo for it.  i am soooo proud of her and can’t wait to show off her new haircut to you all.  what a great big thing for a little girl to do.  i hope you, your friends and family will join us!  if you do, please include a note about my drive in your donation form to locks of love.  be sure to check with your salon or stylist when you make your appointment because most of them will do your donation hair cut & style for free!