adiri nurserdespite my attempts at dancing around it, i’m still inching closer to d-day, or rather, b-day.  in preparation for starting chemo and stopping nursing, i went to babies ‘r us for two particular purchases this afternoon.  the first was the adiri natural nurser.  the second was a package of soothie pacifiers.  i wasn’t proud of either of these purchases.  my daughter’s never taken a bottle and abandoned the pacifier by the time we left the hospital.  but here we are, nearly sixteen months later, and i’m trying to sell her on these breast replacements.  sigh.



boon potty benchwe also bought potties.  the boon potty bench for her bathroom and a simpler, pink baby bjorn little potty for the second baby bjorn little pottyfloor powder room.





my nerves are shot.  my mom is back, and just in time.