wow!  you all sure are full of questions lately.  so, here you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth – which i’d like to add is one of nugget’s newest words.  she surprised us both this morning while packing away a shot glass from kentucky by pointing to and saying “horse.”

anyhow, it seems i have some ‘splaining to do.  perhaps, gentle reader, we know each very well.  in that case you are likely painfully aware of my penchant for quotes, song, book, movie, tv and advertising-related. 

maybe we’re members of a clique that torture each other regularly with this silly game and you’ve been playing along all the while, giggling with delight. 

lots of you have been googling my post titles to figure out exactly why i came to string those very words together.  i didn’t.  someone else did.  and since i like the way they said it, i used it to set the tone for that specific post, page or this entire blog.  whatever they said, it is stuck in my head and has since become just one more piece of me.  

sometimes i’ll quote a line or two if i really want to drive a point home, or make it a little more obvious where those words came from.  maybe a song was grinding a deep groove in my brain and the only way to unstick the repeat button was to bang it out on a page.  i might have purchased a new book or watched a movie, and the title is fresh in my mind.  we might have had a chat on the phone recently and i thought you’d find it hilarious if i blogged about our conversation’s topic.

there’s also the chance that you’ve had no idea that i’ve been entertaining myself, and perhaps an equally nerdy friend or two, in this manner.  see what fun you’ve been missing?  you’d better make with the googling and catch up!

i think those of you who have been playing along at home need to step it up a notch and call it out when you know it.  in fact, whoever gets the most correct answers each month will win a fabulous prize!  oh, you’re sure to be delighted when you receive a fine packet of seeds, a collection of ugly local postcards, a vintage sewing pattern or my most recent one-of-a-kind crafty obsession project!

you’ve also been asking about sharing my blog with your friends, families, coworker, neighbors and postal carriers.  silly rabbit!  this is a public blog.  i want you to share it with everyone.  i also want you to keep in mind that i won’t censor myself for anyone’s benefit.  if you don’t think grandma wants to hear me drop the occasional f-bomb or that you pastor doesn’t want to see my semi-exposed breast being used as nature and god intended, then perhaps you might want to direct them to a blog about kittens and puppies.  if your sister is thinking about ivf or your milkman wants to read about attachment parenting, this might be the place for them!  your boss has cancer and likes hear someone else’s bitching and moaning about it?  then come on down!  you’re the next contestant on bits of myself!

i hope i’ve sorted things out a bit for you and that you feel confidently informed.  you have your answers now.  now you know, and knowing is half the battle!