well, i never made it to the movies.  i didn’t think i’d be able to keep my eyes open through it!  the vicodin and ativan are keeping me drowsy and just a little loopy.

i have two incisions from the port insertion.  both were completely covered with large steri-strips, which i’ve had before with no problem.  yesterday, the skin at the edges of the strips started blistering, peeling and oozing. my mom, an rn, decided i really needed to call my surgeon.  i did and thankfully he returned my call quickly.  he said i needed to go ahead and take off the strips.  so, while he was still on the phone i began the torturous task.

as the strips came off, so did the scabs over my incisions and the blistered patches of skin (and then some). holy hell, that hurt!  the larger incision bled.  when i peeled the last strip all the way off, it was still attached to a flap of tearing skin.  i  grabbed my eyebrow scissors and snip-snipped.  ick.  nugget daddy ran to the store for some dressing supplies

by this afternoon it had finally stopped oozing, but it’s still nasty and painful.

tomorrow is the come-to-jesus meeting with the oncologist.  i’m really, really nervous.  we’ll find out the results of the bone marrow biopsy and pet scan.  we’ll know what stage it is and what nodes are affected.  he’ll tell us what treatment he thinks will be best, when i’ll start and how long it will last.

i can feel myself shutting down more and more with each tick of the clock closer to the appointment time.  nugget has been nursing like crazy today.  my precious baby girl… i’m so scared for her.