today we met with yet another surgeon.

tomorrow, i’m having a medi-port implanted.  there’s just nothing like hearing, “well, how about tomorrow?” from the kind, but all too cheerful surgery scheduler. 

the procedure, which is done under sedation and local anesthetic, is scheduled for 1pm.  as soon as i’m recovered from the sedation i’ll be able to leave the hospital, pain meds in hand.


here’s what it looks like:


and here’s where it goes:

where it goes

 A  port

 B  catheter

 C  subclavian vein

 D  superior vena cava

 E  pulmonary vein

 F  aorta

 G  heart





the muga scan went fine.  nugget enjoyed her time with her grandmamie and even spent the night downstairs with her. 

saturday will be more nugget fun time with grandmamie after mommy’s radioactive pet scan.  i’m going to ask if i can sneak out to catch sex in the city.  i’ll promise not to sit next to any small children or puppies. 

tuesday, we’ll meet with the oncologist to discuss all the test results and treatment plan.  i’ll probably start chemo net week.