the biopsy was awful.  he had to do it twice.  the first time he got the aspiration just fine, but no biopsy.  so he tried again, still with no luck.  he thinks the aspirate will be sufficient though.  the slides went off to new york and the results should be back next week.

wednesday, i’m having a resting muga scan to make sure my heart is healthy enough for treatment.  saturday, i’m having a pet scan to see exactly what lymph nodes are affected.  both scans involve the administration of radiopharmaceuticals.  this means that after the muga scan nugget won’t be able to nurse for twelve hours and after the pet scan for twenty four hours.  i also have to stay away from her.  my mother is coming to help.  hopefully she’ll be able to distract nugget and keep her as happy as possible.  my doctor has given me more ativan to help keep me as happy as possible.

last week we accepted an offer on our house.  the appraisal and inspection went well.

yesterday, we got a call from the apartment complex we rented in when we first moved here from manhattan telling us our old floorplan is available.  phew!  apparently it’s quite sought after.  we had seen a smaller one and i swear i could feel the walls closing in on me.  for as much time as i’ll be spending in it and with nugget daddy working from home, space is a huge issue.  luckily new carpet was just installed, so it will be that much more cootie-free.  it’s within walking distance of the hospital where my oncologist is, not that i plan to be walking there, but it’s perfectly located.  unfortunately, it’s on the third floor, but space won out over stairs.

i got a pedicure this afternoon and nugget is still asleep in the car.  nugget daddy is happily sitting in the driveway with her, reading the home owners’ association binder for the new development we’re building in.  the construction schedule has our home slated for completion september 30th (happy birthday, sister!), so we should only be in the apartment for about four months.