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i just love isabooties‘ new ballet criss-crossers.  nugget already has a pair of classic style isabooties which we call her slippers.  i think these would make a perfect addition to her gymboree class wardrobe since going barefoot at gymbo is never going to happen.  to celebrate earth day 2008, isabooties are offering a 15% discount!

all isabooties:isabooties

  • are 100% animal-free
  • are formaldehyde free
  • are made in the usa with fair labor
  • use fabrics that far exceed the standard consumer safety specification for toy safety (astm f963-07)
  • come in packaging that is 100% recycled/100% recyclable and printed with soy ink
  • 100% machine-washable/machine-dryable just like socks offering a clean, healthy choice in footwear

use coupon code happyearth08 to save 15% on all purchases through april 22nd!



rotadentmy uncle finally sent me the rotadent he’s been promising.  my mom’s had hers for a while and has been telling me how addictive it is.  now i get it.  i seriously doubt i could ever be satisfied with a manual toothbrush again.  it leaves my teeth sparkly, fresh-from-the-dentist clean.

i can hear nuggetdaddy using it right now.  i wonder if he loves it as much.  somehow i doubt it.  he doesn’t care to obsess over such everyday tasks quite the way i do.  (and i imagine he’d say that’s putting it lightly!) 

this little piggy

day two of pigtails for this week’s wordless wednesday

nugget started signing “water” last week.  she means to point to her cheek, but often ends up with her finger on her temple, forehead or in her ear.  at least it’s not up her nose. 

she’s taken to pointing out all sorts of water with it, too.  it’s not just for the sippy cup!  no, there’s water to be signed about in the shower, the sink, the dog bowl and the bird bath.  mommy has a drink?  it must be water, too!

now she’s trying to use it for all sorts of requests, like bananas and crackers.  i’ll have to work out something more universal for those. 

nusring on a united flight

wordless wednesday

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