the w french quarterlast weekend we went on a sort of accidental vacation to new orleans.  we had a wedding to attend and had originally planned on a quick friday-to-sunday trip.  but, the friday and sunday flights were so awful, we decided to go thursday to monday and make the best of it.  also, the wednesday before we left we put our house on the market.  oh, and i had to build a new board for a web forum i moderate.

so, after packing things into storage, packing for the three of us for vacation, boarding the cats, taking the dog to my parents, setting up the new boards, cleaning like a maniac and staging the house all magazine-like, i really, really needed a vacation.

when we got home it was hurry-up-and-put-everything-away-and-make-the-house-all lovely-again time.  the next day nugget daddy had travel overnight and of course that was when someone called to see the house.  after that experience we will absolutely be keeping the house as close to perfect all the time.

mrs. meyer's clean day laundry detergentat least that showing gave me a chance to sneak off to the grocery store and do some major restocking.  i finally picked up some mrs. meyer’s detergent in lavender scent to try out.  it smells so lovely that i didn’t mind doing a single one of the eight hundred loads of laundry i’ve washed since!

so, just in case you were wondering why in the hell i’ve been so lazy and not blogging, there you have it.  i hear nugget peeping.  so much for napping on nugget daddy!