1. pepperoni pizza from the old sir pizza in winter park
    2. orange dole whip from sunshine tree terrace in adventureland
    3. baby aspirin
    4. the last tender, buttery piece of lobster i ate, after which i discovered my shellfish allergy
    5. iced original tropical paradise tea, sweet
    6. jell-o pudding pops, chocolate
    7. cheese pizza from mannino’s in davenport
    8. the first sip from a freshly opened pepsi can
    9. egg and cheese on a kaiser from any deli in new jersey
    10. pepperidge farm’s mint milano cookies
    11. côte d’or milk chocolate, which my sister and i affectionately refer to as “elephant chocolate”
    12. strawberries dipped in powdered sugar
    13. crushed tylenol mixed into in strawberry kool-aid (gross, mom), because of which i learned how to swallow tablets at a really, really young age
    14. root beer sticks swizzled to a fine point while riding the train
    15. traditional swiss fondue and bûche de noël on christmas eve
    16. grape powerade in the tomorrowland stage trailer and warm cans of original from the parade shed
    17. cinnamon toast (cinnamon & powdered sugar broiled on white bread)
    18. bisquick pancakes
    19. frusen glädjé ice cream
    20. communion wafers dissolving, stuck to the roof of my mouth
    21. fish-shaped red bean bun from japan at epcot
    22. watermelon jolly rancher matinis (a super dag daddy) at sapphire supper club in orlando
    23. jfk fried chicken in east harlem
    24. as much wasabi as i can slather on a piece of tuna sashimi
    25. tempura chicken from the sukiyaki house
    26. blt, toasted with miracle whip
    27. screwballs and atomic fireballs from the ice cream man
    28. the original daiquiri ice flavor from baskin-robbins
    29. mcdonald’s shamrock shakes
    30. french onion soup at the old 94th aerosquadron restaurant in central florida
    31. pillsbury cinnamon rolls on saturday mornings
    32. crêpes with brown sugar


    what are your 32 flavors?

    no, seriously, consider yourself tagged. 🙂  i want to see your list on your blog.  happy weekend!