half pint pixie tagged me with this this morning.  (i just love using the same word twice in a row.)

the rules:

  1. link to the person that tagged you
  2. post the rules on your blog
  3. share 6 quirks about your kiddo
  4. tag at least three people at the end of your post and link to their blogs
  5. let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

the nuggety goodness:

  1. when she says “dog” it sounds a whole lot more like “dud.”  come to think of it, our dog is kind of a dud.  she’s so insightful!
  2. she loves to sleep with her legs propped up.  it’s best when one is on me and the other is on daddy.
  3. she’s obsessed with removing all of the foam bumper stickies from the insides of the cabinet doors and drawers.  i’m obsessed with  fishing them out of her mouth.
  4. if she sees someone else wearing barrettes or a hat, she starts pulling on her own hair to check and see if she is too.
  5. when she wakes up, if daddy isn’t there, she asks for the phone (it’s also an intercom) so she can call him to come upstairs.
  6. when she rides her wheely bug or pushes her turtle around she makes the motorboat sound.

jeri at images by jeri, stacie at the twinkies and tante toma… tag!  you’re it!