sedum morganianum

nugget has just discovered this plant.  see the tight, full tendrils near the top?  now see the barren, battered ones farther down?  they didn’t stand a chance against la nug, the cats or the dog.

it’s a burro’s tail, a sedum morganianum.  if you so much as glance sideways at it, a dozen or so of it’s plump little leaves jump off onto the floor.  i scoop them up and toss them back in the planter where they sprout into new plants.

i rescued this plant from the grocery store.  it was in the florist’s graveyard, a bargain at 99 cents, nestled amongst spent azaelas, bloomless orchids or withered mums, whatever the then past-peak seasonal plant was.  when exactly was burro’s tail seasonal?  cinco de mayo?  i think i actually brought home two, scraggly 4-inch hanging pots.  here they are now, i don’t know how many years later, 27 inches in all their glory.

after sending countless visitors home with leaves to start their own plants, i started keeping a supply of mini pots on hand.  i’ve always got an aloe, a burro’s tail or a jade plant to send home with someone.

i love this plant.  i hate that when we move i’ll likely chop off it’s long trailing stems before packing it up.  i hope it forgives me.