the environmental protection agency is asking for public input on its review of the toxic pesticide endosulfan.  the united farm workers and a number of environmental groups will be turning in a joint petition to the epa on february 15th.  it is vital that they get as many signatures as possible.

endosulfan is acutely toxic and easily absorbed by the human body.  low levels of exposure in the womb have been linked to autism, male reproductive harm and other birth defects.  the lethal chemical has been linked to dozens of accidental deaths.  it is an organochlorine–which means it persists in our environment long after it has killed the target pests–thus leaving a deadly legacy for people and wildlife.  in the u.s., this toxic pesticide is used on tomatoes, cotton and other crops.

the european union and several other countries have already banned endosulfan.  less dangerous alternatives are available.  it’s time the u.s. does its part to protect communities and the environment at home and around the world from this persistent organic pollutant.

there is a short opportunity to make a difference.  the epa is currently looking for public comment, so please act immediately and let them know continued use of this dangerous pesticide is unacceptable.  demand an end to endosulfan by adding your name to the petition today.  please forward this petition to your friends and family and encourage them to sign no later than february 15th.

to sign the petition go to: