last week my friend and i exchanged emails discussing an acquaintance’s serial mothering-by-convenience.  half pint pixie recently blogged about the over-used excuse “happy mommy = happy baby” and said this:

“sometimes you need to suck it up and get over your sense of entitlement to 8 hours sleep, to sitting down without a baby attached to you, to getting your own way. sometimes you have to be the bigger person and let go first.”

sure, i’ll be getting my shower sometime before we go out this afternoon, but right now my daughter wants to nap in mommy’s lap attached to the boob.  so, she will and the shower will wait.  “happy baby = happy mommy” in our house.

on an only musically related note, we used to sing and dance with the nugget to this commercial when she was a newborn because, well, she loved it.  and since the choreography is ridiculously disney-esque, it did in fact make me happy as well.